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Description" CONTENT="Looking for a mix and mingle entertainment that is different from a Caricature artist or magician but is just as entertaining and creative. The unusual art form of Silhouette cutting is a definite way to wow your guests but also leaves them with a memento that will ensure your party is still talked about for a lifetime. Sarah Goddard of Visage Silhouettes is one of the most prominent silhouette artists in the country. Sarah has 10 years experience of reviving this Victorian entertainment of Silhouette cutting at different parties and has worked at hundreds of events including weddings, summer events, celebrity birthdays, Christmas bashes and royal engagements. The rare art of silhouette cuttings produces flattering and true to life miniature profiles of your guests made from black paper using ONLY scissors in a matter of minutes. Truly a unique, stylish hand crafted art form; silhouettes are not only a great icebreaker but also memorable keep sake. Party goers take home their very own paper miniature profile of themselves, produced by the silhouette cutter, as a memento of your event. This is why so many organizers choose to opt for a customized mount card to include a logo or special message as a great marketing tool."